The Species Overview

When it comes to the world of human beings, human is the only noun. Not female, male, black, white, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, gay, straight — all these are adjectives. Human is what is being qualified, and everyone is unqualifiedly human, first and foremost.

From childhood, my art has been heavily weighted with the human face and figure. I realized in 1991 why this has been the case. I’ve always been interested in others’ perceptions — of just about anything. I’m an introvert and, therefore, talk about perceptions with just a few people. When I draw or paint a human, when I work, particularly on faces, I have a very strong sense of that person’s perceptions of themselves and the world in which they exist. When I am finished, I have memory of that person, but I am no longer participating in their sense of identity. When dealing with humans, I use no models and I do not have any real idea of who is going to turn up until part way through a drawing. Then I follow that thread to the end of that sketch or painting. Frequently these people are ambiguous even to me, perhaps even androgynous. The only real deviation from this is in self-portraits which come now and then in little spurts. I think these are my way to access who and where I am at a given time.